Yutakadai 13-1, Misaki-cho, Toyoake, Aichi pref.

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Personal History

Graduated from School of Science at Nagoya University and completed graduate school of Emvironment and Sciences at University of Tsukuba. Held a position at emvironment division of Aichi Pref. as an offical for nearly 20 years. Resigned in March 2000.
March 2002 Completed "Shinrin Takumi Juku"
Sept. 2004 Joined Craft Designer Chubu
Nov. 2004 Exhibited at "Craft Design 2004 TAJIMI"
2008 Participated in "Wood work Artists' Week NAGOYA"
June 2012 Exhibited at "Nordic Harmony" (Gallery Meihodo)
Participate groupe exhibitions around Nagoya


My motto is "Stars for sky, greens for earth, love for people". I make my works, using beech, walnut, ash tree, maple, etc. that grow in holt where variety of creatures are nurtured, and apply imeges of musical instruments, music and nature on my works.

Favorite pursuit: Music (Mainly classic. Belong to amature string band and enjoy  ensembles with close viola and violin players.)

"Vn" music stand

"Rabi-chan" music stand

Hall chair "Vn2"
1.8m high

"Note" small chair
About 50cm high

"Vn" Clock
About 40cm high