Admissions Requirements

  • Agree with the objective of CDC noted below and actively participate in its events.
  • Demonstrate that the applicant has works and career that are acceptable to CDC.

Objective of Craft Designer Chubu:

In order to contribute to the development of craft technologies and the enhancement of higher quality lifestyle that have been accumulated in each parts of craft, we actively exhibit our works, refine our skills, deepen exchanges and cultivate young designers.


  • Opportunities to brush up ones skills and conception through the activities of CDC
  • Exhibit and/or sell works at the exhibitions of CDC
  • Participate in the tours and the workshops of CDC
  • Individual page can be set up at the web site of CDC (Charged option)

Admission fee


Annual fee

  • Individual member:¥6,000
  • Corporate member:1unit or more (1unit :¥10,000)

Admissions inquiry

Secretariat : HONDA Kiyoshi  E-Mail