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About Craft Designer Chubu

 Central Japan is known for thriving craft activities. It is an area where superb traditional techniques has been accumulated in ceramics, metalwork,glasswork,textile, jewelry and woodwork, and at the same time, it is rich in craft materials such as clay, glass, metal, Japanese paper and wood.
 Craft Designer Chubu was established in 1995, based on annual exhibitions in Nagoya started in 1986 by craft designers in Central Japan. Since then we have promoted the development of craft through wide range of activities such as exhibitions, workshops and sale at many places and events including International Design Center Nagoya and the supporting event of International Ceramics Festival MINO.
 Works of craft have a power to enrich the inner quality and the depth of our culture of life. Associates in Craft Designer Chubu aim for further enhancement of the power of craft through the quest of individualistic expressions and sophisticated skills. We believe in craft making that suit to a quality life style in which people cherish and enjoy what they use.

President SAKAEGI Masatoshi