MORI Akihiro

Mori Kobo
Higashino 5-1, Odaira-cho, Okazaki, Aichi pref.

TEL:+81 564-47-3366

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Personal History

1962 Born in Gifu pref.
1991 Start studying under Mr. Masaharu Izaki
1997 Gained independence as Mori Kobo
1999 Selected at Asahi Craft Exhibition (2001,2002,2004,2007)
2000 Participated in construction of Universal StudioJapan. In charge ofMaking windows and doors.
2003 Selected at Japan Craft Exhibition(2004,2006,2008)
2006 Selected at Wooden Chair for Living Exhibition (2008)
  Selected at All Japan Wooden Crafts Competition
2010 Received Guest jury award(Toshiyuki kita award) at Japan Craft Exhibition
2011 Exhibited at International Craft Design Exhibition


I make creative furniture and small products   from wood. I fabricate them with traditional joining techniques, using solid   oak and ash tree. I never use screws and nails.  Organic design using curved lines and surfaces ( convex, concave and twisted surface) is the feature of my works. Many of them are with plant motif.


"Cherry Bamboo Rattan stool"
Received guest jury award (Toshiyuki Kita award) at Japan Craft Exhibition 2010

Flower stool
The leg is made from a log that is cut open partially and then twisted.

Wave chair
Chair with wavy seat and arms

Penta-pod glass table
It features unique construction of 5 legs.

Variable 3 tier shelf
Tiers are fixed in the back to make it look non-variable.