Weaving house "Craft KEI"
Nagara 2435-185, Gifu, Gifu pref.

TEL:+81 58-233-8016


Personal History

 Born in Gifu pref.
Member of Japan Craft Design Association
President of hand weaving class "Weaving House"
Established living planning place, "Craft Kei"(In charge of planning, display & product produce )
Selected at Asahi Craft Exhibition, Takaoka Craft Competition, Itami Craft Exhibition etc.
Won a prize at International Design Fair in Ishikawa
Won a prize at Oribe Craft Design Award
Solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Nagoya and Gifu
Exhibited works in Los Angels, Korea, Taiwan etc.


Setting "Applying textile in living space"as my lifework, my main works are centered on tableware, tapestries and noren, short split curtains, etc. Among them, I give importance to noren and hanging scrolls, applying Japanese traditions. Valuing fineness of traditional and chic life style, my textile making goes on.

Putting emphasis on the combination of yarn material and structure, I think about the harmony and the color to complete works of high quality. I believe that works become radiant when they are used at daily living space.


Tapestry-JAP (Hanging scroll "Fuku" ) 
Material: Linen, Silk

Partition (Pentagonal noren) 
Material: Ramie

TAPESTRY (Waterfall)
Material: Linen, Rayon(Displayed at lobby of a clinic)

Material: Ramie, Paper cord (Recycled paper)

COLLABO I (Lunch bag)
Material: Cotton Lunch bag material:-Oak, Cedar etc.